Beginner's Guide To Online Chat Rooms

Beginner's Guide To Online Chat Rooms

Posted on December 4, 2017

As if dating or meeting new people in person wasn't already difficult enough to do, the internet has added a new twist to relationships. Actually, if you have been online for any length of time you will know that dating chat rooms have been around for a number of years already. But have you ever bothered to step inside one to see what it is all about? It's not as strange as it sounds and if you know what you are doing you may end up meeting a special someone, or at least make some new friends in the process.

  • What A Chat Room Is And Isn't

In short, an online chat room is a virtual meeting place where you can engage in some random chat with strangers. It's a lot like going to a nightclub or bar only less costly. Plus, you don't risk looking like a fool on the dance floor or risk getting stiffed with the bar tab. It is not a place to hang around if you have no intentions of getting involved. While 'lurking' is common online, a chat room is meant to be used and in order for that to happen everyone in the room has to communicate with each other through text messages.

  • The First Impression

Just like you would want to leave a good first impression if you were cruising the bar scene, the same applies in chat rooms. The easiest way to do this is with the use of a good online chat name. It's your 'handle' or the nickname everyone will use to reach you. The best chat names are inventive, creative and fun. Remember, if you are visiting dating chat sites to avoid using screen names like "Big Dick 101" or "All Day All Night Long" because, unless your name really is Dick and you happen to be a really large guy, these kinds of handles sound like you are trying too hard to be someone you probably really aren't.

  • Keep It Short And Sweet

Conversations in chat rooms are a lot like those in nightclubs with one very distinct difference - there's no loud music to get in the way of hearing something or mishearing something. That being said, random chat is probably best described as a long series of short, concise statements, questions, answers and oddball communication. The goal here is to not get too long-winded in the back-and-forth chatting. However, one word answers/statements are as useless as trying to discuss quantum physics in a loud dive bar.

  • Be Flirty, A Little Bit Dirty and Mysterious

So, when you meet someone in a bar how much of your true self are you sharing with that person? You are probably showing some but not all. There's going to be a fair deal of secrecy about your past and current information as you will only give out what is required during the time you are conversing with someone. It also means that since this person does not really know the real you that there is a lot of room for you to be a bit more flirty and dirty than usual. On dating chat room sites you can expect the same. It's part of the game and if played correctly, can net some interesting results.


If you have spent any time on social media platforms you will already know the reason why chatting, posting or doing anything in just CAPS is a bad thing. If you have no idea what we are getting at here, this will be a good lesson for you. When you type any kind of message online in capital letters it looks as if you are yelling. Unless you happen to be yelling at your computer that has voice recognition and translates your voice to text, avoid this at all costs. To the rest of the people in the chat room, your ALL CAPS conversation comes across as being rude. Now, if your evil plan is to come across as a bit on the obnoxious side, ALL CAPS will help you nail it.

  • Overkill Can Kill The Mood

If the dating chat room you frequent allows you to 'follow' others in the room, keep this simple rule in mind: don't follow too many people at once. Using the nightclub example again, it's sort of like you striking up a conversation or buying a drink for every nice looking guy or girl you see that night. It makes you look a bit desperate. Maybe even a little pathetic. Following three or more members of the opposite sex in a chat room sends the same single. Choose one to focus on for awhile and see where it goes. If there is no real connection, follow someone new and so on unfollowing as you move around the chat room.

  • Did We Mention To Have Fun?

Probably the most important thing to remember when venturing into the world of random chat is to have fun. Everyone else you meet online will be doing pretty much the same as you so don't take it too seriously. Kick back, relax and chat some people up. You may be surprised to find a lot of people in the same situation as yourself - online and just looking for some fun. Lucky for you that the internet provides many opportunities for you to explore that fun with chat rooms of all description. Regardless of your likes, dislikes and interests you will be able to find an online community that matches. There is no such this as "does not exist" in the virtual world of the internet. So, what are you waiting for Big Dick, RamBone or Lil Red Riding Hood? There's someone waiting to chat with you right now!

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